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comms open!

About me!

Atom ❀ 18 y.o. ❀ FtM ❀ ArtistAll profits go towards my art, webcomic, and transition!

✓ will draw ✓
Furry/Anthro, Humans, Androids, Ferals, Suggestive/Flirty, NSFW⋆, Ship art, Groups⋆⋆, Light Gore/Blood, All Genders, Dynamic Poses/Angles⋆⋆⋆

⋆ Humanoid/anthro characters only. Includes hardcore and softcore. Subjects of my DNI are blacklisted. May include up-charge.⋆⋆ Additional figures start at 1/2 price each. Exceptions may vary.⋆⋆⋆ May also include an up-charge depending on complexity. I will do what I can to the best of my ability.

✕ won't draw ✕
Extreme Fetish or Gore, Fanart/Canon Chars., Politics, Hatespeech, Bigotry, Vehicles, Detailed Scenes, Anything in my DNI!

❀ First and foremost, I reserve the right to terminate any commission at any time for any reason.
❀ I offer partial refunds depending on progress.
❀ I don't usually do deadlines, but am willing to discuss them.
❀ I don't do business with minors.
❀ I only take payment via PayPal Goods & Services.
❀ I only take payment upfront.
❀ I only conduct business through Twitter and Email.
❀You're free to repost purchases with credit.
❀Breaking my T.O.S. may result in a blacklist.

D.N.I.❀ Minors. I am an 18+ artist.
❀ Pro-shippers, or anybody who supports illegal pairings.
❀ MAPs/Pedos. I will beat you with a mallet.
❀ Zoophiles. I will also beat you with a mallet.
❀ Transphobes, Homophobes, Racists, and other Bigots.